Something Odd

An extremely odd thing happened today. I have been expecting a delivery from RL (clothes). I walked out of my apt to take Miss P, my whippet, for her late afternoon backyard jaunt. When I returned, there was the box from RL sitting outside my door. No-one delivers on a Sunday; my landlord’s son had been in the garage next to my apt and had not seen anyone approach the door; we do not know how it got there. Sometimes packages for me get delivered to my landlord’s house by mistake, but he always notifies me about this. This is a mystery. So I take the box inside, where I discover that it has been opened! Now I’m really puzzled: why would anyone open a box that is clearly addressed to someone else? All the items I ordered were there, in their original packaging, though the jeans looked like they had been repacked. Maybe whoever examined everything didn’t like my taste in clothing? Or didn’t wear my size? At least they made the effort to deliver the clothes, albeit by incredible stealth. I wonder, though…should I be thanking an incredibly honest person or just an incredibly disappointed somewhat honest person? I suppose this will probably be one of those mysteries that I’ll ponder from time to time. (The clothes are wicked cool, by the way. All from Denim & Supply.)


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