Trump: Not My Voice!

I’m only writing this because I feel obligated to address it, a metaphorical gun to my head, since I’ve been blogging about Republicans. Sigh. Trump’s Big Speech. The utter hubris was what really got to me. He comes off like a gimcrack Mussolini, with his finger-pointing and gesturing. He-and he alone-can fix what is broken with the American government. I won’t even begin to list the outright lies, obfuscations, and cherry-picked facts in his recitation; other sources have done that and are readily available. But that he, who has always had this attitude of “I’m better, I’m smarter, I’m richer, I’m SUPERIOR,” should DARE to say that HE is the voice of those suffering injustice is simply intolerable. Donald Trump is only speaking for those who feel themselves disenfranchised because it suits his purposes-for the moment. When that moment has passed, when they are no longer needed, I suspect they will be thrown to wolves. When in his past as a businessman has he ever shown this compassion and concern for the unemployed? Ask him where HE has HIS products made! (The answer will be China. It’s cheaper.) In his campaign, he has stayed in Trump facilities (thereby benefiting himself), sold Trump merchandise (thereby benefiting himself), and generally branded his name on everything possible. Forgive me if I now think his rebirth as the Voice of America is just another ploy. As far as I can tell, Trump is the same lying manipulative narcissistic sociopath he’s always been.

I am looking forward to the DNC. I’m REALLY tired of blogging doom and gloom about Republicans. The Donald is responsible, btw, for a  monthly contribution to both the Hillary For President campaign AND the DSCC from me. Just my way of putting my money where my mouth is.


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