Illness Is A Selfish Bitch

I completely missed the DNC. I hate that, b/c it was so very different from the RNC in tone, not to mention that history was made, with the first ever nomination of a woman for candidate President of a major party! The Democratic party has such amazing women to offer for role models: Elizabeth Warren, Michele Obama,  Ruth Bader Ginsburg, and, of  course, Hillary Rodham Clinton. If I were female or had daughters, I would definitely be a Democrat! (I AM a Democrat, should it not be obvious by now.) I have watched some of the memorable speeches by the Obamas, Khirza Khan, and Hillary Clinton. Such a contrast with the doom and gloom reality show that was the RNC.

Now, on to the theme of this entry. I’ve been struggling with some health issues that sap my energy. On good days I can read the news and follow what going on. think critically, and write. On bad days I can barely sit up. Unfortunately last week was a bad week. And sickness, I’ve found, is a demanding selfish bitch. I was doing well to take out the whippet. Books went unread. Dust gathered in corners. Laundry piled in the hamper. You get the picture.

I’ve appointments with specialists. Cardio and gastro are being investigated. I expect cardio to be given a fairly clean bill of health, while something is definitely amiss with gastro. Depending on the results from all the tests I’m undergoing, a move might be the offing. While I love my little town, if I can’t work, then I’ll say goodbye, thanks for all the fish (grin), and go early to live with my friend.


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