End Of Watch By Stephen King

This ends the Bill Hodges trilogy started with Mr. Mercedes and continued in Finders Keepers. Like many of King’s books, I found it to be a good read, compelling enough to keep me interested, and it was certainly dark, which I like. But this was not a great book, nothing that is going to change your life  or make you think about the nature of evil, etc. Once you finish close the cover, you pretty much forget it. I don’t like to leave things unfinished and had read the first two-just b/c my library at time was REALLY low on new books (see my entry entitled “Abibliophobia”) so just HAD to read this one to round out the series. I’d say read it if you like dark mystery type novels that aren’t going to challenge you over much. Typical King fare, ho-hum.


4 thoughts on “End Of Watch By Stephen King

  1. I totally enjoyed this book. I still find the the Mr. Mercedes to be the best among the three, I loved Brady a lot! But all this supernatural stuff going on with books 2 and 3, I prefer the 1st. My first Stephen King too!


      1. I haven’t really heard of that but thanks for the suggestion! I’d love to read It, The Shining, and then maybe that’d be next. Although, I also have a copy here of Rose Madder. But that’s so far my line up for King!


  2. I’d also add The Green Mile and Carrie, just b/c they’re classics. Hearts In Atlantis was one of my favorites, though it didn’t garner much attention. And The Dark Tower books have plenty of fans, though I’ve never read them. Happy reading!


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