Tea Lust

My fellow/sister/whatevers, I confess: I have lust in my heart. I want two binchas of tea that will cost more than I afford at the moment…but…but…one is ON SALE and they sound sssssssooooo mouthwatering….and I can get 10-percent off …and I haven’t bought ANY pu’er in SUCH a long long long long time….oh, fuck, somebody shoot me before I talk myself into buying these! While we’re talking tea and ruinous expense, I also have my eye on some Camellia Crassicolumna Black, a rare and little-known yabao from Qianjiazhai, China for those times when you want tea but no caffeine. And I’m thinking about a new Yixing pot for blacks, b/c I’ve gone back to blacks, thanks to the wonderful He family in Laoshan. Of course, I can’t get a Yixing pot for what I could, say 20 years ago. Now it’s going to cost me dearly. But one must sacrifice for fine tea. I’ll get one this winter. I know the artist I want to buy from. He makes truly amazing pots.


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