The Making Of Donald Trump By David Cay Johnston-A Review

David Cay Johnston, a Pulitzer-prize winning journalist, documents Donald Trump’s rise to prominence, giving an account of his business dealings that indicates Trump regularly engages in shady and disreputable business practices, not to mention business associates. This probably comes as no surprise to most, save to those of Trump’s supporters, who will no doubt decry the book as slanderous, but Cay has been following Mr. Trump for many years and can back up every claim that he makes with cold hard proof. Unfortunately, as we saw in the past debate, that does not stop Trump from lying about anything. He is fully capable of denying that he said something, when he can be presented with evidence that he did. Or his memory, which as we all know, is “the greatest in the world”, will fail-again and again and again. The book is a sad testament to a businessman who schemed his way to the Republican nomination by nickel and diming and cheating, when he had every chance to actually do it right. He CHOSE to act the way he did, because that is his vaunted temperament, revenge being one of his prime motivating factors. (That, and over-weening narcissism.) A good biography  of Donald Trump that will help you understand his journey to power. Put it, however reluctantly, on your list.


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