Surrender, New York By Caleb Carr-A Review

If you haven’t read anything by Caleb Carr, now is the time to start! Surrender, New York is a superb literary thriller that features Dr. Trajan Jones, a criminal psychologist in the upstate town of Surrender. He is the foremost authority on Dr. Lazlo Kreitzler (hero of Carr’s book The Alienist, also excellent)  and follows in his unconventional footsteps throughout the winding paths of this novel. If you follow shows that like CSI or Bones, then you will definitely want to read this, as much for the protagonist’s trenchant views on forensic science, as for the plot. The plot is intricate, involving throwaway children, politicians, and the wealthy in New York City. But this is no simple matter, and Carr has a very deft way of surprising you. I’m a long-time mystery reader, and and I didn’t see the plot development in this one. I was impressed, I must say. Highly recommended! ( The book has also lead me to do some research on the troubling topic of runaway parents. I had no idea this was such a burgeoning problem. Smh.)


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