Stranger In A Strange Land

I can’t believe I’m writing this. I still can’t form the words “President Trump” in my head. The country that I thought I knew-the one that embraced equality, rejected sexism and racism, and believed in welcoming those in need, regardless of their religion or ethnicity or country of origin-has turned out to be a illusion. The darker fear-driven vision that powered Trump instead proved to be more accurate…the angry largely white voters that feel their privilege and  place are diappearing won the day. Friends from abroad have been emailing me and messaging to ask if I’m okay and offer condolences. One, who lives in a country with a fiercely nationalistic right-wing leader, offered the advice that I should now begin to be as invisible as possible. I replied that I’m temped to get married while it still legal. Sigh. Go BACK in the closet at age 55? I don’t think so. Even though Trump has bragged that he is a great friend of “the gays,” he has also said in different interviews that he plans to do away with marriage equality and Mike Pence’s views on LGBTQ issues are well known. Trump does not respect WOMEN, so I highly doubt he would respect trans folk or even recognize the very existence of those who are non-binary, unlike President Obama (I miss him already, sigh). He has taken great pains to align himself firmly with the Christian right and Evangelicals, even to the point of having a religious advisory coucil composed of mostly Evangelical Christians. His advisor Roger Stone is formerly of the Breitbart website (I refuse to call it a news site b/c it offers alt-right conspiracy theories, rants, anti-LGBTQ talks, and religiously and sometimes racially bigoted nonsense). Roger Ailes left Fox “News” because of a sexual harassment scandal. Mike Pence, his VP, has claimed that evolution is just a theory and passed restrictive “religious liberty” laws in his home state. So the company he keeps does not inspire reassurance that life is going to be good for the foreseeable future of anyone like me: queer, trans, non-binary, atheist, leftist, and damnably activist. Oh, yes, and Jewish. Don’t think I don’t remember that tweet he put out…and his non-disavowal of all the alt-right white supremacist groups that have come out in support of him.  No, I’m NOT going back in the closet. I’m here to carry on the fight!


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