#TrumpIsNotMyPresident: He Might Be (Shudder) But I Will Fight Him And All He Represents!

After a long period of mourning, I’m back to my blog. I had  gotten busy for a time with campaigning for Hillary and preparing for my move. Then the election and the move happened. After the elction, I’ve had a number of people give me advice. I had a friend who lives in India advise me to immigrate. Several friends, including my doctor, have asked me to be careful, saying that hate crimes are on the rise, and they fear my outspokenness could make me a target. I’ve thought about that and decided that I am NOT going to modify any of my behavior. That would mean that Trump and his ilk have indeed won the day, and I refuse to concede that they are what this country is all about. He and his white supremacist buddies might in the White House (eventually, part of the time, lol-not exclusive enough for him?), but I refuse to let fear of Trump and his homphobic, xenophobic, racist, anti-Semitic, bigoted Neo-Nazi followers change who I am, how I act, what I say, and how loudly I say it. If people like me don’t fight for people for people like me (and other minorities), who will? Trump certainly won’t. That is abundantly clear. He has YET to denounce the rise in hate crimes that has occurred since the election; his tweets are solely about himself and his grievously wounded ego. This from a man who is going to be the next POTUS. SMH. I want to devote one blog entry (at least) to my theory of what a Trump presidency will actually look like, for I’ve been contemplating this nightmarish scenario from before the election. I rather pity comedians during the next four years. Trump is so sickly, terrifyingly, and mystifyingly comical all on his own that that they will have a difficult job.


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