Hitler Comes To North Carolina

First the state has the notorious HB2 bill that causes it to lose business and engenders bad press, rightly so. It then elects a new Democratic governor but he has almost no power to do anything. Then the HB2 bill is rescinded, sorta, kinda, in a compromise that is designed to bring business back but not to REALLY give legal protection to NC’c LGBTQ population. And now there is a bill being proposed again to ban gay marriage, something that has been settled as the law of the land by the Obergefell decision in the U. S. Supreme Court. Just to add insult to injury, the representative who is sponsoring it, compares Lincoln to HITLER. He is Representative Larry Pittman, and he did this publically on Facebook.

I want to discuss this. The Hitler reference, coming as it did after Sean Spicer’s egregious Hitler reference, shows boneheaded stupidity. Spicer had ALREADY made an ass of himself by an inaccurate statement about Hitler DURING PESACH and his clumsy apology compounded it. For another lawmaker to go and then use Hitler as a referent still during Pesach is astoundingly idiodic. Had he not read the national news? There are many many reasons that Hitler and Lincoln are not equivalent, such that I believe them self-evident if you are a rational human being and not a Southern Republican North Carolinian. I won’t enumerate them here. But just for reasons of common sense,  THINK! It’s PASSOVER!!! You don’t go making HITLER references during a MAJOR JEWISH HOLIDAY!!! Get a clue!!! This is offensive!!! And I know that you have Jewish consituents! We do live in NC, too! And WE VOTE!  (For all you reading out, I’m Jewish, btw. Atheist, yes. But Jewish, nonetheless. Just not observant.) So for all the Sean Spicers and the Larry Pittmans out there, stop with the Hitler stuff! Oy gevalt iz mir!


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