The Mirroring Effect Of Twin Peaks

I decided to flee from the harrowing political landscape into the welcoming embrace of Netflix. I found, much to my delight, that Twin Peaks has released a SECOND season and thought that this would be just the thing thing to take my mind off possibly losing my healthcare, my immigrant friends, and that pesky nagging thing….not being bombed by anyone with nuclear capabilities lately b/c our prez went eyeball to hairy eyeball with the OTHER madman currently ruling a nation.  I was a Twin Peaks fan(atic) when it arrived on television back in the day.  It was the the first and only thing I was remotely cultish about, unless you count the fling I had with Rocky Horror Picture Show in my misbegotten youth. And it turned me on to David Lynch in a huge way! Not only did I follow Twin Peaks with rabid devotion, but I made a point of finding every movie and television show he did afterwards and watching those, also. Even the children’s films. But I digress.

I decided to watch the first season again, from love and b/c it’s been a number of years since I’ve watched it and I wanted to make sure the story was fresh in my mind for Season 2. Twin Peaks Season 1 was odd enough in itself, even without the eerie sound-track playing in the background. I tried watching it with subtitles and-yep! Still weird AF. But I turned the sound back on and proceeded to settle in to reacquaint myself with Twin Peaks and its inhabitants.

Then the mirroring effect kicked in. I found myself watching myself watch Twin Peaks in my memory on television. But I was also watching Twins Peaks on my computer. This felt rather strange, almost trippy (from what I can gather from friends’ descriptions), but I couldn’t make it go away! This occurred only for Season 1. I haven’t gotten to any episode of Season 2 yet. I’m going to try and go with this, as watching Twin Peaks the FIRST time around messed with my mind. So why shouldn’t the second? I’ve come to expect bizarreness to ensue when I watch David Lynch. I wonder what will happen when I get to Season 2? And I wonder what it would be like to watch Twin Peaks while drinking ayahuasca? Not that I’ll ever know, mind you, since I’m unlikely to encounter a trained shaman where I live. And were I to do so, I doubt he/she/whatever would consider watching Twin Peaks to be something to do under the effects of the tea. But you never know…..



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