WTF: Trump’s Iowa Rally And The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test

I’ve come to the conclusion that there are Republicans and then are Trump supporters. His Iowa rally proved that for me beyond any shadow of a doubt. After that campaign rally-and that’s what it was, call it what you will-I now think that WHAT Trump says matters not one bit to his base. What matters is his PRESENCE, and I keep getting unnerving flashes of Hitler at HIS rallies, when I see Trump among his followers.

Why do I say this? Let’s look at one of the things they were cheering: A solar-panelled wall that would save money for Mexico. SERIOUSLY??? Trump has consistently spoken out AGAINST clean energy. He disparaged wind turbines, a notable source of energy for many Iowans. He took the U.S. out of the Paris agreement, causing us to rebuked by NORTH KOREA. Trump claimed this was HIS idea, btw. Ahem, not true.  This idea was explored in a WSJ Op-ED piece AND by one of the companies that  submitted a design to the government. But, despite this, the crowd cheered on. Why let some glaring inconsistencies and downright lies spoil the fun. Let’s not go into the whys and wherefores of why this wouldn’t work and would be a waste of money, even should it be proven possible.

Then there’s the whole “save money for Mexico” bit. People thought THIS was great, too. After all, we want to do as much to help our neighbor to the south as possible, right? Trump and his supporters have ALWAYS been strongly in favor of aiding Mexico….ABSOFUCKINGLUTELY NOT! Trump has done more to anger and disempower Mexico than any president in my lifetime. I won’t say ever b/c I haven’t done enough research. But he talks about NAFTA, factories moving to Mexico, and we won’t even go into what he says about actual Mexicans.  (I know I get keep saying “Let’s not go into….” . Sorry. So much Trump, so little time.)

That was just a dissection of one of the things he said. I’ve said this before but am more convinced of it than ever: Trump supporters do NOT care about Trump’s words, tweets, ideas, or positions, content-wise. I truly believe he could announce that he would be personally sacrificing a kitten to Satan (in whom I don’t believe FYI) on the White House lawn EVERY morning, surrounded by 3 Goldman-Sachs execs, sorry, cabinet members and people would be convinced that this was FINE. Fox and Friends would provide commentary on how kitten sacrifices were an American tradition dating back to the Revolutionary times…and did you know that Abraham Lincoln himself sacrificed a BLACK kitten in the Oval Office? SMH in disgust……



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