So Transparent-NOT

I have to write about Donald Trump, Jr. The whole debacle is further proof that Trump (#notmypresident) and his family seem to be TRYING to provide fodder for bloggers, late-night comedians, and all those who deem this admin a joke. He has changed his story 5 times. As details come to light, he looks more and more guilty, not to mention stupid AF. I’ve watched Junior come up with excuse after excuse. Trump’s admin keeps trying to spin this. The main story seems to be “He didn’t actually get any damaging info, so this doesn’t count.” EXCUSE ME??? That is NOT the point. The point is: You and others in the Trump campaign knowingly and eagerly met with RUSSIANS to get damaging info on HRC. Merrian-Webster has changed the spelling of “collusion” to “JUNIOR” because of you! This is like saying: “Yes, officer, I DID break into that house and steal items. But no crime was committed b/c they weren’t worth much!” Your INTENT was to collude with a foreign government to win the major election in the United States. Whether or not you succeeded (in this meeting, at least) is irrelevant.

Kushner, also present at this meeting, has amended his security clearance 3 times. He keeps forgetting meeting with foreign offials, i.e. Russians. Sessions also has neglected to list HIS contacts with Russian officials. With Russia being a main topic before, during, and after Trump’s election, how the fuck do you forget something like this? Were I a Trump official, I would even be putting down, “I watched Boris Badenov as a youngster!” But, nooooo. These people seem to have a collective and selective amnesia, which filters out meetings with foreign ambassadors, government representatives, and anyone else who might prove problematic. As the Church Lady would say, “Well, isn’t that convenient?!!”


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